Next month, Lucid will formally introduce its "Air" EV vehicle. 

 We didn't anticipate the Lucid SUV EV to arrive at the same time, though.

Both were seen during a promotional video shoot and were captured in the middle of the activity.

Although we anticipated an SUV coming after the Air, we didn't anticipate it arriving at the same time. 

The Lucid SUV EV is clearly there here before you're intended to notice it.

These photos, which were posted on the Lucid Motors forum, provide a rather detailed look of the SUV.

The side window sweep and encircling rear window are the same on the sedan and SUV.

 They are undoubtedly related because of their similar hues and thin tail light band.

The SUV's finest image reveals what seems to be a very little front overhang.

The camera angle could be to blame for it. Fascia seems to wrap around quite a bit.

If so, a typical 34 perspective might not make the overhang appear as short. It certainly beats a lengthy overhang, though.

Regarding the car, we were intrigued to the wheels right away. 

That's because they resemble the wheels on the Jaguar I-Pace quite a bit

It is difficult to determine whether there is more than a passing similarity at the distance these photographs were taken.