The durability of lithium batteries might deteriorate over time.

 These recommendations may help your Tesla's battery last longer and go farther.

Teslas, or any EV, for that matter, have not yet been able to close the gap between environmentally friendly

worry-free motoring despite their energy efficiency and immunity from gasoline expenses

Numerous Tesla owners and EV enthusiasts have fallen prey to range anxiety, a relatively new word in the automobile industry.

It's hardly surprising that the Tesla emblem can be found on the majority of electric automobiles purchased in the US

In fact, the Model 3, Model Y, Model S, and Model X are becoming household names like the Ford F-150 or Honda Civic

Given that an EV is essentially a gadget on wheels, the majority of battery-saving advice for electronic gadgets is generally relevant.

But due to the apparent differences between electric automobiles and smartphones or hearing aids, different battery-preserving techniques are used.

Regular charging routines can work wonders. Similar to topping off your smartphone on a regular basis

Because they are not impervious to deterioration, lithium-ion batteries. While it might not boost range

Tesla's current range and battery health, extending battery life. More advice is provided here.