Here’s How The Ford F-150 Lightning Can Accelerate From 0-60-MPH Under 4 Second

Thanks to instant torque, a large battery, and a simplified powertrain, the Ford F-150 Lightning is even quicker than the 702 HP Ram 1500 TRX. 

Ford was getting set to enter the EV market, anticipating that buyers would like their electric truck, 

while Stellantis was busy cramming Hellcat engines into its Ram 1500 TRX. 

Ford continues to make an effort to persuade prospective buyers that the 2022 F-150 Lightning is still a workhorse with big towing and carrying capacity.  

It recently stated that the zero to 60 mph acceleration time for its electric F-Series is less than four seconds. 

Although the precise figure is unclear, it is faster than the Ram TRX's sprint time. 

A topic that needs a solution is how the F-150 Lightning was able to develop such capacity despite being far less powerful than the TRX.  

Nearly all automakers are taking the chance and investing heavily in the electric revolution in the automotive sector. 

Toyota continues to advocate for the development of EVs even if it isn't totally convinced about their potential. 

Before anybody realises it, a significant number of vehicle types, including pickup trucks, are becoming electrified.  

Even if there are still some people who doubt that electric pickups can match conventionally powered trucks in terms of capability, automakers are still moving forward with electrifying these metal workhorses.