Ford has added a new tilt feature to the steering wheel, making it more useful than the yoke

Ford has taken the opposite approach to produce something quite fascinating in an era where automakers 

The traditional steering wheel has been made cooler by The Blue Oval Company.

Ford appears to have updated the Yoke to provide additional functionality, whereas Tesla attempts to improve on something

The redesigned steering wheels may tilt to provide a level surface,

a feature reserved for the new Ford Tourneo and Transit vans over in Europe.

It becomes a handy table with a plastic cover that can be used to conveniently operate a laptop

Van drivers have highly busy lives on the road, thus it makes sense to add this function to a van. 

And this useful function by itself may help you save a tonne of time and maintain order.

The driver airbag location and regular operation of a steering wheel are unaffected by this adjustment.

Although this feature merits its own section, Ford Pro chose to be modest and just mention it in the news release announcing 

These include the much awaited Mercedes-Benz EQV and the Volkswagen ID.Buzz, both of which are extremely well-liked in Europe.