The original RX-7 sequel included a convertible, racing heritage, and Porsche comparisons.

It's 1985. Iran-Contra has not yet occurred, American popular culture is in full swing

It was possible to have anything with a front-mounted engine, four seats, and power going to the rear wheels, from Nissan

You get bonus points if your fast automobile has T-Tops!

Mazda was sandwiched between the people, desperately hoping for a successor to the first-generation RX-7's triumph.

The second RX-7 naturally evolved into the FC because the previous one had the codename FB while it was under development.

Mazda's first effort at a popular rotary-powered sports vehicle was the RX-7.

 The outcome was a success that persisted for six years. How prosperous? 

Try the over 300,000 units sold by the year's conclusion in 1984.

Mazda had to follow up as a result. The RX-7 would need to be redesigned in order to stay more modern

As a result, it shed the quirky design of the original model and became a Porsche 944 copy.

Mazda actually did it after seeing the commercial potential.

They realised they had a winner with the "Poor Man's Porsche" and let the purchasing public know it.

 Motorweek compared the 944 to the RX-7 when it initially appeared, a couple of years before a new model.