Reluctant to use "Dodge Charger" and "problem" in the same sentence? Unfortunately

 car is completely problem-free. In the 1970s, Charger looked as much of a beast as its soundtrack

dominating the regular streets and racetracks. When the nameplate was reborn in 2006

 it continued the modern Dodge tradition by combining incredible aesthetics with performance

This car continues to stay at the top of the menu for gearheads who are passionate about ICE power.

What's not to like about a reliable American muscle car with a 300-horsepower six-cylinder engine

up to nine trim levels and the lowest SXT trim level?At the other end of the spectrum

 the 707 To get the most out of that mammoth horsepower

here's a track-ready Hellcat with the latest powertrain features like launch control, line lock and sport suspension.

The Charger proves it's no lean muscle and comes with an impressive pack to personalize the car to the owner's tastes.

Although this model has a solid reputation for reliability, it has some problems, especially with the gearbox, alternator, brakes, suspension, electrical system and engine.

Other issues to look out for include faulty power windows, faulty thermostats, leaking water pumps, and problematic interior lights. Ultimately, the Dodge Charger is still the muscle car of choice