When it comes to dependability, the Dodge Charger is the "go-to" muscle vehicle, although some model

Isn't it depressing to combine the words "Dodge Charger" and "issues" together?

Charger ruled the ordinary roads and racetracks in the 1970s, looking as monstrous as the music it created.

In 2006, the marque underwent a rebirth, carrying on the Dodge history for the contemporary

For gearheads who are passionate about ICE power, the automobile continues to be defiantly at the top

A dependable American muscle vehicle with up to nine trim levels and a 300-horsepower six-cylinder

The track-ready Hellcat is positioned on the opposite end of the range and has been modified with powertrain

features like launch control, line lock, and sport suspension to maximise its impressive 707 horsepower.

The Charger comes with an outstanding selection of packages to customise the vehicle to the owner's

 Even though the model has a high dependability rating, there are still some issues with the gearbox

We wouldn't think twice about advising the Dodge Charger to anyone looking for a dependable car.

 It would be difficult to find any vehicle that combines performance, comfort, and style at the same level

The Charger is lauded for its agile handling, despite the steering lacking much accuracy and the suspension

However, the typical motorist who is more concerned with safety ratings has something to gain from