When you think of Hennessy performances, what do you think of?

Giant trucks and pumped-up muscle cars, right?

 That's why this 1,200-horsepower Hellephant-powered RAM TRX lives its best life as a Hennessey Mammoth 6X6.

The Hennessy Performance YouTube channel gave fans a glimpse of everything the RAM TRX is capable of.

Given that this is the home of the Venom F5, the largest selection of high-performance sports cars

muscle cars, supercars, trucks and SUVs, surprises are not part of the equation.

The Mammoth is what even Hennessy calls the ultimate RAM 1500 TRX, in the most American way.

hey say this pickup truck is all "bigger, longer, taller, stronger, bigger, and carrying more stuff." Make everything king size.

The engine is tuned to 1,200 hp net, and the only downside

this pickup is that production of his

Hellephant-equipped 6x6 is limited to just three of his

Hennessey has confirmed that production

has ended, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy

the final shakedown video shot at Pennzoil Proving Ground.