The 5.7-liter Hemi V8 disappeared from the Jeep Grand Cherokee make and price section of Jeep's website earlier this week.

The 357-horsepower engine was his $3,795 option in a two-row Grand Cherokee.

Jeep USA Motors told his authority that consumers and dealers can no longer order a V8 Grand Cherokee

but if they really want it, current dealer stock still has it. There was no word on the possibility of the engine being revived.

In Canada, a Jeep spokesperson told Driving that the 2023 Grand Cherokee V8 was stripped "to address restrictions.

I've heard that Stellantis struggles to build the biggest enough engines to meet demand.

Why no supercharged 300 sedan? Jeep Canada has left open the possibility that the engine will make a comeback, and "has not announced anything about the end of the V8

If you really need a V8, you can always find it under the hood of a 3-row Jeep Grand Cherokee L.

This long (and heavy) model still offers a hemi. At least for now.

This primarily affects buyers who want to tow a Grand Cherokee.

The V8 model was half a ton more than the V6 and could tow 7,200 pounds.

buyers who want a two-row ground can get a 293-horsepower 3.