GMC, the maker of the upcoming Hummer EV pickup truck, has released a video tutorial on how to control the Watts to Freedom (WTF) special mode. 

The pickup's powerplant operates at maximum efficiency in this mode 

allowing the pickup to accelerate to 100 km/h in about 3 seconds. 

When this mode is selected, the onboard electronics will begin  

a simulated pre-takeoff countdown based on on-screen animations and special audio output. In addition 

the air suspension lowers the pickup body by 50 mm to lower the center of gravity. 

Following the instructions on the screen, the driver activates the launch his control and, if instructed 

depresses his brake pedal at the appropriate time.  

While driving, the instrument panel shows not only the speed, but also the degree of overload. 

According to the company's engineers, Watts to Freedom unlocks the full potential of the engine range 

helping the car accelerate to 60 mph in his three seconds.

Additionally, although the video shows a serial pick-up option, the "closed course. professional driver. don't try.