General Motors (GM) is preparing to combine the best battery electric  

hydrogen powertrains in its pickup trucks, according to a new report from the US. 

The GM Authority reports that the midsize pickup coming in 2026 could feature  

a hydrogen fuel cell and a large lithium-ion battery pack, essentially creating a hydrogen plug-in hybrid 

Battery packs have less capacity than comparable packs used to power pure BEVs 

but still have enough energy to serve as the main power source for electric motors." GM Authority said.

General Motors has previously announced that it will offer hydrogen fuel cell technology to midsize vehicles 

from 2025 onwards, but how this will be done has not been confirmed not. 

Most fuel cell vehicles have a small battery pack that is constantly powered by a hydrogen fuel cell stack. 

The Toyota Mirai has a 1.2kWh lithium-ion battery, but that's not big enough to keep the car moving on its own for more than a moment. 

Instead, the vehicle's electric motor always has energy readily available.  

The combination of a fast refueling power source (currently petrol or diesel) and a larger battery 

pack that can last 50-100 kilometers alone is considered the best of both worlds by some owners. 

it's not entirely clear what benefits the battery pack will bring to his GM hydrogen-powered truck.