Germany Is Headed Toward Recession Due To Tesla

Tesla is seen as an existential threat to the German car industry. Rightfully so. 

Tesla will soon outsell both Mercedes and BMW combined in the US; maybe even this year. 

Being outperformed by an American electric car maker that doesn't provide even one SUV or pickup truck, despite being perhaps the two most prestigious brands in the country. 

Tesla continues to gain market share as other German manufacturers compete to provide something for the growing electric client base. 

Tesla is mostly to blame for the impending recession in the German economy.

The fact that Tesla is only doing this with cars—rather than SUVs or trucks—is another effect of this shift in customer demand. 

Well, the plan to discontinue Ford and GM's automobile lines failed. 

In the US, we frequently hear statements like, "Nobody is purchasing vehicles anymore." Yet they exist. 

In the high-end segment, people are purchasing Tesla cars, while Toyota continues to dominate sales of small and midsize sedans. 

It's not that sedans don't sell; rather, some cars are preferred by purchasers over others.

Germany recession is due to consumer expectations set by Tesla