Ford Motor has added a third production shift at its Michigan plant to produce the electric F-150 Lightning for improved performance. 

The third shift addition comes as the automaker expands its newly built facility to reach peak capacity of 150,000 vehicles by next fall.

Ford is on track to meet this previously announced production milestone, Corey Williams, plant manager  

the Dearborn Truck Plant and Rouge Electric Vehicle Center, said Tuesday. said during a tour of the facility. 

His third shift was added in November and employment at the electric truck factory increased from his 500 to about 750 

even as construction workers rushed to complete the expansion of the facility. We maintain high production levels. 

"This is how we do it quickly. We build products like we build factories," Williams said.

Ford originally planned to build about 40,000 Lightnings a year at a new facility adjacent to its long-established Dearborn pickup plant. 

However, initial demand for electric trucks exceeded expectations, so the decision was made to expand the factory to increase production. 

Earlier Tuesday, MotorTrend magazine named the F-150 Lightning the 2023 Truck of the Year.

The magazine's editors said the truck unanimously endorsed  

the award because of its overall performance and appeal to traditional pickup truck buyers. Sold 13,258 of his F-150 Lightnings.