First introduced in August 1968, the Mach 1 was reserved as the name for the Ford Mustang's high-performance package.

So when Ford tried to come up with this nickname for the Mach E

the automaker was met with a lot of complaints and opposition.

Mustang Only recently has there been speculation that his Mach 1 will be revived.

Mustang partsHis supplier CJ PonyHis parts (now unpublished) video uploaded to his YouTube And rumors flew.

A video has revealed that the 2020 Ford Mustang Bullitt will have its final hooray.

It has also been revealed that the Bullitt will be replaced by Mach 1 from 2021.

This was sparked by a Torque News article in which sources have already confirmed that the Mach 1

will replace the Bullit as the new niche performance vehicle in the lineup

It added that it will be announcing full production details and specs for the returning Mach 1

as well as black side stripes.Because the Mustang cannot be called a Mach 1 without these elements

the upcoming 2021 package will feature these details. It's packed, but I would expect it to have a more modern look.