Ford has increased the price of the base version of the F-150 Lightning. 

Pricing for the electric pickup now starts at $56,000, more than $15,000 more than the original price.

When Ford announced the price of his F-150 Lightning, the starting price surprised many with his $40,000. 

It appears to be aimed at competing with the base price of Tesla's Cybertruck announced a few years ago. 

But the price didn't last long. In August, Ford increased the price of all models by $6,000 to $8,000.

Meanwhile, just a few months ago in October, Ford raised the base price of his F-150 Lightning this time to $52,000. 

Now, Ford has once again decided to increase the base price of his F-150 Lightning. Now starting at $55,974, according to online configurator updates 

The base price of the Ford F-150 Lightning has increased by $16,000, or 40%, since the introduction of the electric pickup.

We have contacted Ford about the price increase and will update with any comments.

Interestingly, the prices of other versions of the F-150 Lightning have not increased with this update. 

The price hike for the basic version comes as automakers are expected to significantly expand production of electric pickups in the new year.

reported earlier this week that Ford is adding his third shift at the Detroit assembly plant that produces his F-150 Lightning electric pickup his truck.