Fiat Chrysler is trying to block the sale of the Jeep lookalike Mahindra Roxar.  

We last reported on Mahindra's Jeep-inspired Roxor back in March of last year.  

The Indian company has announced that it will bring the small, underpowered and cheap car to the United States. 

In India, where the average speed is much lower than here

the Roxor is sold as a real vehicle, while the Mahindra is a commercial vehicle that cannot exceed 50 miles  

per hour and is sold as a road vehicle here in the United States. 

I know it never will. So they plan to market it as an ATV. 

Roxor and you'll see that it resembles Fiat Chrysler's star in his performance, his Jeep Wrangler. 

When Jeep was owned by Willis, Mahindra licensed the original Jeep CJ-7 design 

made a version in India. Willis died in 1963, but Mahindra continued to make Jeep imitations without issue. 

Because the Jeep brand kept rolling from company to 

company and none of them cared about the small and insignificant Indian market.