What if the Mercedes-Benz GLS SUV, with its newly introduced modular architecture for luxury electric vehicles 

tied the knot and had a baby? The German automaker's newly launched electric SUV EQS for  

the North American and European markets is a class-defining cross between a top-of-the-line battery 

powered luxury SUV and a new class in the luxury segment, and is set to launch in the US this year. 

After delaying (or canceling) plans to launch his EQC SUV, Mercedes-Benz has finally unveiled his new luxury electric SUV 

also known as the EQS. The EQS is the first electric sport utility vehicle (SUV) to enter the US market 

despite being built on the same platform as his previous EQS sedan. 

The EQS also features design cues such as the 56-inch hyperscreen already found on the EQS sedan. 

Nothing is stopping today's automakers from seeing a new future market for premium EVs 

 Major companies like Tesla have already entered his SUV segment 

the Tesla Model X. BMW also has stiff competition from Mercedes' new SUV EQS iX. 

But the EQS SUV oozes elegance and luxury as a giant SUV designed to conquer any terrain.