Rivian's trunk is filled with fascinating tidbits that the rivals overlooked.

Compared to the R1T, the Rivian R1S has so far received less attention. The latter is offered as the company's pickup truck 

competes with models like the Chevrolet Silverado EV and Ford F-150 Lightning

 With huge SUVs, the R1S enters a more challenging and competitive market. 

Given the competition from every manufacturer, including Kia, Range Rover, and BMW, the Rivian R1S must provide

Just now, the EV maker provided further information regarding their trunk.

The R1S delivers an unmatched degree of usefulness, according to a video posted on the company's CEO RJ Scaringe's 

The Rivian's split tailgate is a Range Rover-inspired design feature. 

Scaringe speculates that the owner would want to relax and read a book here.

The Range Rover's tailgate is a great place to have lunch or take off and put on filthy shoes. 

 With an overhead light, The Rivian gives similar functionality while going one step further.

The automobile provides the same functionality at night as it does during the day by illuminating whatever