Edmunds Can’t Recommend the 2022 Lucid Air EV—Yet

We've all been in the situation when red flags are huge, bold, and in your face, 

but you choose to put on your rose-colored glasses and act as though all flags are the same. 

When you truly, really want to appreciate something, it is simple to pretend that you are unaware of the problems. 

And a lot of individuals sincerely hope that they would enjoy the new 2022 Lucid Air EV.

However, some people just possess too much honesty. 

The 2022 Lucid Air was recently the subject of an in-depth Edmunds assessment, and the reviewer identified a number of serious issues.

Is Lucid a legitimate company?

Even though it has seen some setbacks along with some major victories, Lucid Motors is a legitimate business. 

After Lucid got a subpoena in December 2021, the company's price fell precipitously, but it was only a sign of things to come. 

Maybe. Even its detractors acknowledge that Lucid is a very promising young carmaker and that any issues will probably be resolved over the next several years.

Does the 2022 Lucid Air have a lot of problems?

Electric cars (EVs) may experience complications, such as rusting brakes from inactivity or problems with the climate control system. 

One of the major drawbacks of extraterrestrial technology is that the larger the bugs, the more intricate the technology.