Although many auto fans think the completely battery-powered electric car has arrived,

there are still many unanswered problems around EV ownership.

 That American drivers still cannot use an EV as a full-time car owing to where they reside and their current budget

But despite all the attention paid to EVs, a sizable portion of the automotive market—the hybrid car

Hybrid cars combine a gas engine with one or more battery-operated electric motors to power your vehicle. 

Even while EVs are still pricey, secondhand hybrid cars are far less expensive than their all-electric equivalents

Not to add, according to Kelley Blue Book, you can get a used Honda Civic Hybrid for less than $15,000 

The 2015 Honda Civic Hybrid has all you need to know about it, and it should be at the top 

A 110-horsepower 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine and an electric motor work together to power the front wheels

 Although the Civic Hybrid's horsepower statistics might not be the most remarkable, this fuel-efficient vehicle

The 2015 Civic Hybrid's rating of 44 mpg city/47 mpg highway is wonderful news.

The inside of the 2015 Honda Civic is roomy and has a total seating capacity of five people.