We’re happy to admit, the powerful engine and remarkable performance statistics are

the main selling point of this motor, but that’s not where the amazing features end.

This model features sleek interior racing stripes and badges which surround the steering wheel and splash over the dashboard.

Here, drivers and passengers can enjoy viewing the telemetries, as well as swiftly switching through

the desired music played from any mobile device. Despite being a sport-focused motor,

the Dodge Viper ACR Extreme is well-equipped. Sport bucket seats are covered

in luxurious leather, surrounded by white stitching and diamond-pattern inserts.

Matching upholstery and stitching can be seen over the center console, door panels,

open-plan dashboard. A modern 8.4-inch touchscreen navigation system

the star of the show inside the cabin, sitting proudly in the center of the car's roomy interior.

Automatic climate control, air conditioning, and power-adjustable pedals are

all features the customer acquires when purchasing a Dodge Viper ACR extreme.

Not only will it equip you with a one-of-a-kind driving experience, but would be a valuable collection piece, that will only continue to grow in years to come

It goes without saying, the Dodge Viper ACR Extreme’s best feature is its tremendous V10 engine, and the mad aerodynamic bits are the perfect icing on that cake