Dodge is starting to take over when it comes to bringing incredible performance

its more modest production vehicles

The Dodge Charger isn't a slouch to begin with, but the Hellcat model

as its name suggests, is something else altogether

This sedan has more power than most supercars and adds some interesting features for a fraction of the price.

Below is a list of the most surprising things for those less familiar with the Dodge Charger Hellcat, or things people may forget.

Perhaps for a car with speed and power being its biggest selling point

an environmentally friendly mode is the last thing anyone would guess for features on the Hellcat

However, included within the list of the Charger's drive modes is in fact an eco mode.

By switching to the eco mode, you’ll lower the max power output for the Hellcat

However, it's not always necessary to have so much power all of the time

you can enjoy a more relaxed driving mode that is also better for the environment with reduced fuel consumption and fewer emissions

In eco mode, you can even choose to turn off the paddle shifters.

 There are some parts that are reminiscent of past models, such as the long rear light, but the car is actually almost completely new