The Motor City car assembly plant has been the center of car thefts in recent years.

Ford, General Motors, and Stellatis manufacturing plants have all been targeted by thieves

rampant robberies seem to be making headlines every other week

Stellantis seems to have had enough of folly after reinforcing the Jefferson North assembly plant fence with thick steel his cables.

While this may seem like a radical fix, the improvement has already deterred some Dodge Durango thefts.

According to Click On Detroit, an attempted robbery occurred at a Stellatonis facility in the early hours of December 6th.

Footage from the scene shows two abandoned Dodge Durango SUVs near the corner of Conner and Charlevoix streets on Detroit's east side.

One of his stolen Durango crashed into the fence, seemingly knocking over most of the barrier in the process

But thanks to the new steel his cable, the truck couldn't get through the fence.

Pretty impressive considering Durango can tip his well over 5000 lb scale and pull a concrete fence post out of the ground

The Durango converted to Battering Ram suffered significant damage to his frontal fascia in the process, but the second Durango did slightly better.

So far, no suspects in the attempted robbery have been arrested, but it is possible that the Jefferson North Assembly will be off the target list any time soon

This is good for the automaker, as the Durango has proven to be a popular target for this kind of heist

Detroit's Auto Theft Task Force is working with local automakers to reduce these accidents, but simple measures like steel cables can be a good starting point for other manufacturing plants.