Watch as both muscle cars wheelie off the starting line in a display of might.

The Demon of Dodge. It's one of the craziest factory muscle vehicles ever, if not the craziest.

 Many of us believe it to be the ultimate muscle car, capable of dominating competition with other stock 

A Demon will still be stunning if you drive it to a drag strip just after it leaves the factory.

This stunning vehicle accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in only 2.3 seconds and completes a quarter-mile run at an astounding 

That's already absurd. A bottle of nitrous oxide, drag-spec tyres, an engine tuned for drag racing

 tuned suspensions combine to create a terrifying and fearsome beast.

Herman Young, a Dodge Demon owner, established the YouTube channel Demonology, which covers all things Dodge Demon.

 The Demon has no serious rivals that can unseat him, or do they?

Herman and his buddies from the CTS-V Racing club went to the Cadillac V-Racing event to purchase some passes

But finally he found himself in front of a Ford Mustang that appeared to be normal, but for the enormous

 Just over a minute and a half into the clip, Young's stripper friend wonders mockingly where his slow Demon is.

At the starting line, the two vehicles line up in a burnout formation. How is it possible to avoid burnout?

The GO light arrives, both engines reach their peak rpm, and then BAM! Demonology pulls off one of his greatest wheelies to yet.