Sales of the Dodge Dart soared from 1963 to 1966 (the third generation),

so the car's makers decided in 1967 to go a little wild with a more robust vehicle.

Dart's engine His bay was able to accommodate his larger V8 engine, which attracted the interest of enthusiasts. 

By late 1967, Dodge released the new Dirt GTS to battle the Chevrolet Nova SS.

Until 1968 there was a 340 cid V8 with 275 hp or a 383 cid V8 with 300 hp, the standard engine was he 318 cid V8.

Transmission options were a torque flight automatic, a floor-mounted Hurst 4-speed, or a 3-speed manual with column shift.

Michigan-based Hurst his Campbell has developed several darts powered by his 440 Cidd engine specifically for drag racing.

To save weight, Dodge's 426 cid Hemi came with some darts in 1968 and had a number of internal components shaved.

However, the best performing Dirt variant he did not appear until 1969

Dodge discontinued his two-door sedan and replaced it with the Swinger, a two-door hardtop vehicle.

The nameplate remained in use until the Dart was retired in 1976, making it one of the most desirable compact cars of its time

The Dirt Swinger 340 was a two-door hardtop coupe built on a Hurst four-speed Rally chassis in exotic colors. , with wide 14-inch wheels, debuted in 1969.