Each passing holiday season marks a steady march toward the end of the modern American muscle car era.

Electric cars may be here and now for city commuters

but plenty of pullers who love big gas engines still want fun toys to serve as daily drivers

none helped usher in the current climate more than the Dodge Challenger and Chevrolet Camaro.

But Dodge now seems inexplicably keen to lead its charge toward e-muscle, and Chevrolet is sure to follow soon, making the high-end Challenger Hellcat

Camaro ZL1 something of a dying breed.

That's exactly why Freedom Street Garage has drawn one of each for two raffle-style sweepstakes that close in early 2023

but first I was invited to take them to Willow Springs Raceway to show potential winners what these two massive muscle cars can.

Freedom Street joins Omaha, Dream Giveaway, and various car clubs across

the country in offering cars in a sweepstakes-style raffle.

The same San Diego-based team also runs RestoMods and Forged 4x4s in a similar fashion

ranging from built off-roaders to vintage classics and modern muscle.

The chance to win a mildly modified Challenger Hellcat or Camaro ZL1 might seem less exciting than a fully stocked ATV

classic since Dodge and Chevy are selling these cars at dealerships right now—but when you consider today's ridiculous differences between MSRP and actual purchase price, no