The GMC Sierra vs. Chevrolet Silverado debate is a friendly rivalry maintained by fans of General Motors pickup trucks. 

But which brand built the first truck? The truth is that the Grawbowski Motor Vehicle 

Company was founded for the express purpose of building professional trucks and delivery vehicles. 

Their mission didn't change when General Motors acquired the brand. 

At the time, Chevrolet only made passenger cars. Ten years later, GM sells its first Chevrolet truck 

Max and Maurice Grabowski founded GMC as a truck company in 1900. 

Racer Louis Chevrolet founded Chevrolet as an automobile company in 1911. 

GMC and Chevrolet have a fascinating and intertwined history.

The Grabowski brothers had great success selling trucks and delivery vehicles to their fleet.  

Their business began as the Grabowski Automobile Company and was renamed the Rapid Automobile Company. 

William C. Durant, the founder of General Motors, envisioned one company with multiple brands serving multiple demographics 

He began buying shares of Rapid in his 1908 and folded it into his GM in 1909.

By 1911, General Motors had ousted Durant from leadership. 

Durant was able to grow Chevrolet so quickly that he regained GM in 1918 through a reverse merger that included the GMC truck division.