The GMC Sierra, which boasts the performance prowess of General Motors and GMC's well-known

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How technologically competitive is the GMC Sierra? What level of technology does the GMC Sierra offer? Is Android Auto included?

The short answer is that the GMC Sierra is compatible with Android Auto. However, it isn't available on all Sierra model years. 

Android Auto is compatible with GMC Sierras model years 2016 and above, according to the official Android website.

However, all new 2019 and 2020 GMC Sierras come standard with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto

Although Android Auto isn't the only tech option available in the Sierra, it has grown to be a valuable resource 

According to GMC Life, Android Auto enables hands-free driving with the GMC Sierra and your Android smartphone. 

 By using the infotainment system's touchscreen or Android Auto voice commands

Android smartphone users may access a select number of applications and features. 

Through this technology, you may use the GMC infotainment system to send messages, look up location

You can use Android Auto to access apps and features from the comfort and convenience of your vehicle, 

On your Sierra's infotainment screen, you may check appointments, the weather, and real-time traffic data.

Additionally, you may access all the features of your smartphone regularly, download third-party apps