Electric pickups compete with ICE pickups not just in terms of range, but also in terms of towing.

When the Cybertruck dragged the F-150 upward, Tesla seemed to show that there's nothing to be concerned

 Also available is an electric F-150 with an 18,000 lb. towing capability.

However, there's more to the film than what first meets the eye, despite Tesla's boast that the tri-motor Cybertruck

 Ford did it in the "million pounds" commercial for the electrified F-150.

It is, in a nutshell, range. Yes, Tesla asserts that the Cybertruck's three motors will have a maximum range of 500 miles. 

 Towing something uses up range, as it does with every car, electric or not.

That's because the trailer significantly raises a vehicle's drag coefficient, as noted by Fenske and Road & Track.

Despite appearing to be less aerodynamic than it is, the Cybertruck nonetheless experiences drag.

And that's before the added weight of the trailer is factored in. 

We have already brought up the subject of weight in relation to the stainless steel body of the Cybertruck.

Tesla's electric pickup may have been designed expressly to reduce wind drag, though.