As you can see in the Fast Car video, the Corvette's interior is pretty cramped. 

There is a huge hydraulic handbrake and his two racing bucket seats that secure the driver.  

As you can imagine, it took a lot of work to replace this car. 

A standard gearbox is located at the rear near the drive wheels. 

However, Hildebrand needed to make room for the cooling system 

so the entire setup had to be changed.

The gearbox has been moved to the front of the car 

leaving the cooling system and fuel tank at the rear for perfect weight distribution. 

all of which has resulted in him probably one of the wildest drift cars on this planet. 

The footage in action is spectacular to watch, and as Top Speed ​​mentions, it's a lot of fun to look over the car 

high thrust, this insane machine puts out about 1000 horsepower and can be seen from behind Speed ​​through  

the asphalt in smoke-filled Blitz wheels. This is his one hell of a machine that we absolutely love.