Fast Car's video shows professional drift racer Axel Hildebrand's car setting track times 

He tested this super crazy car and under the hood of this amazing 

machine is his 20B triple rotor twin his turbo engine. 

This engine was actually built by the same company responsible for the rather wild "Mad Mike" Whiddett race car. 

This Corvette C6 is one of his most unique builds in the world of drifting 

 something we and Top Speed ​​absolutely love.

The Corvette actually has a Kevlar body and as you can see in 

the Fast Car video it corners some tight corners with ease. 

 Hildebrand also offers us some great donuts before we take a quick look at the build itself.

A sequential manual gearbox is combined with a lightweight body. 

This triple rotor engine also features an upgraded Garrett G42 1450 turbocharger.  

All in all, this phenomenal machine puts out a staggering 800 horsepower.