It is no secret that the future is electric, which explains why virtually every carmaker across

the globe has been scrambling to roll electric models off their assembly lines over the past few years.

The king sitting atop the EV hill, however, is undoubtedly Tesla, which has inarguably ushered in the era of the electric car.

And while many other new EV startups have also emerged, not all have succeeded.

The anomaly, however, is Rivian, which has emerged as a fearsome competitor gearing up to take over a huge share of the market.

The Rivian R1 truck and SUV come with a plethora of cool features, and the first one that strikes us as something amazing is the speaker in the center console.

The Rivian R1 allows you to dislodge the Bluetooth speaker from the center console, and take it into your camp with you.

The speaker even acts as a lantern to light up your path in the dark, which comes in pretty handy while camping overnight.

If that isn't enough, the speaker-cum-lantern even has USB C-type charging ports to charge your phone on the go.

If you choose to go with the Adventure Package trim on the Rivian R1T, which starts at around $78,000, you would get Wi-Fi and 4G capabilities with the truck

After all, this is truly an all-electric, all-connected truck, and fairly capable of providing internet connectivity on the go.

Rivian also launched a program called the 'Rivian Membership', through which subscribers can avail free charging and unlimited 4G LTE connectivity.

Talk about a company that takes care of the customers.

Nevertheless, it's one of the coolest features of one of the coolest vehicles of this generation.