Pulisic's most beautiful car is undoubtedly his Ford Shelby GT500 

one of the most aggressive muscle cars on the market today.  

It shows this aggression and ferocity through its curvaceous body and wavy edges. For its flashy looks 

the Ford Shelby GT500 was featured in the American movie Need for Speed. 

The Ford Shelby GT500 was not only an incredible performer 

but also very comfortable and functional inside 

Pulisic's Ford Shelby GT500 features leather bucket seats 

a leather steering wheel, and an optional sunroof. The GT500 comes standard with satellite radio 

Bluetooth and a rather impressive sound system 

which made traveling in and out of the car fun and enjoyable.  

The American gamer's magnificent GT500 was loaded with impressive features such as cruise control

heated front seats and air conditioning, all driver-oriented features contributing to a comfortable and enjoyable journey.