Can Non-Tesla Electric Vehicles Charge at Tesla Charging Stations?

You might believe that a Tesla is required in order to charge your electric car at a Tesla station, however this is untrue. 

Most other EV manufacturers can be charged using Tesla destination chargers, but you'll need an adapter. 

The new Ford Mustang Mach-E and other electric vehicles cannot be plugged into Tesla Superchargers, on the other hand (for now). 

To facilitate the adoption of electric vehicles on a larger scale, Tesla is striving to open up its network of superchargers.

Can any non-Tesla electric vehicle use Tesla Superchargers?

First things first, this article only concerns the electric vehicle charging infrastructure in North America. 

The following information might not be applicable because of the varying requirements for automobiles in other countries. 

Can other vehicles in North America use Tesla chargers, then? Electric car drivers can use Tesla charging stations, 

but you can't just plug your EV in, according to Inside EVs.

An adapter, such as the Tesla to J1772 connection, is required. 

You may connect your EV to the majority of Tesla chargers using the J1772 Tesla to connection.