A rotary engine is a car party piece

but there are a lot of things that make it so exciting.  

The Corvette runs on E85 racing petrol 

the Corvette has the exhaust pipes running free from the front bumper.  

This means he's also one of the most unique-sounding Corvettes ever built 

as you can clearly hear in the video. The rotaries weren't exactly designed for this use 

but somehow they work perfectly on Hildebrand's C6 monster. 

The entire chassis of the Corvette has also been significantly improved, reborn as an all-tube chassis.  

This saves a lot of weight, but with the angle kit you can tolerate over 70 degrees when turning the wheel 

To manage the engine's electronic controls, the C6 Corvette now has the best Haltech ECU in the business. 

The car's ignition and almost all other control systems are clearly visible on the panel above the drive 

This keeps the dashboard clean and also means system controls are within reach of the driver.