The fact that Honda's two best-selling sedans excel in a variety of areas shouldn't come as a surprise.

The Honda Civic and Honda Accord are especially well-suited to daily drivers because to their attractive looks

Which of these cars is preferable for your daily commute, even if any one of them may be the greatest option?

 Discover two of the top commuter vehicles for 2022.

Which vehicle is best for driving in cities? It may be the Honda Civic, which is completely new for 2022

It has a four-cylinder, 158-horsepower base engine and a 180-horsepower turbo engine as an option.

One of the last excellent manual-transmission commuting vehicles is the spirited Civic.

The 2022 Civic LX is the most fuel-efficient model, achieving up to 31 mpg in the city and 40 mpg on the highway. 

If the business does bring the Honda Civic Hybrid back, a new greatest commuter automobile will enter the market.

The Honda Accord has a compelling argument to support its claim as the finest sedan for carpooling.

f you're taking people along, this four-door is a superior commuter choice because it provides greater inside room than the Civic.

The 2022 Accord is a plush commuter car thanks to high-end interior options including leather seats.