This month has been three years since Elon Musk unveiled the bizarre Tesla Cybertruck. 

 It was scheduled to start manufacturing in 2020. finally, in 2021.

Apparently, it will go into production in the upcoming year.

And with all of this bait-and-switch launch date misinformation, one prospective customer decided to build his own Cybertruck 

 You're looking at a model of a home-built Cybertruck.

Rugged clones of the pickup are being sold in nations like Bosnia and Russia because of the demand for the Cybertruck.

 This newer, more exact house was constructed in India. Since there is essentially little likelihood that a Cybertruck

fans from other nations would be better off building one than waiting for a genuine one.

This cunning builder in western India made the decision to do that. 

 There are some benefits to a DIY Cybertruck, despite the fact that the drawbacks significantly exceed the benefits. 

To start, make any necessary adjustments to suit your tastes.

The possibility of doing it for far cheaper than buying one from Tesla is another factor.