The 2021 GMC Sierra competes in one of the auto industry's most fiercely competitive divisions.

But the emergence of electric pickup trucks might seriously undermine that. 

The Hummer EV, GM's first electric pickup, is anticipated to debut by the end of 2021. 

 Thankfully, Autoblog says that an all-electric Sierra or vehicle very similar to the Sierra will eventually be added 

Information on the electric GMC Sierra is now quite hard to find. For starters, we are only aware of its existence 

A Buick, GMC, and Cadillac dealership's president, Lynn Thompson, acknowledged the arrival of the electric

Additionally, Thompson affirmed that the vehicle will not be a hybrid or plug-in hybrid but entirely electric.

As one might anticipate, the introduction of an electric GMC Sierra also makes room for an electric Silverado. 

However, it is unknown which of the two will come first at this time. 

 In fact, the Sierra and Silverado names for these new trucks might not even be appropriate. 1. Setting the parameters of your trip

 This is because Thompson informed The Detroit Free Press that once these new vehicles

on the market, they may go under a whole other name. In addition, although having comparable dimensions

The distinction may exist because an electric truck has different construction requirements 

There is no requirement for driveshafts, exhaust cutouts, or other significant driving components because the batteries