The AC Cobra first made headlines in America when it was introduced in Carroll Shelby's Los Angeles garage.  

Carroll Shelby soon worked with his AC to supply the body and chassis.  

After making a quick deal with Ford to use his existing V-8 engine, an icon was born.  

Once the car became more widely available, it appeared on the racing scene, winning titles in nearly every major racing

event around the world, from his Italian Grand Prix at Monza to his 24 Hours of Daytona, Shelby His 

Cobra established its place in his late 1960s history books 

With a cumulative total of nearly 1,000 roadsters, there will not be enough roadsters in 60 years 

But a new generation with the same name and basic formula will give consumers the chance to own a high-performance personal roadster. 

and gives us a good idea of what a revival might look like from an aficionado's perspective.

Upfront enthusiasts will quickly recognize that this design is true to the original AC formula 

A deep front splitter for state-of-the-art efficiency is combined with wide grille openings with exposed radiators 

just like the real Cobra, but with a contemporary rectangular shape.