The Tesla Cybertruck has generated plenty of criticism thanks to its distinctive angular form. 

The unusual appearance of the Cybertruck is mocked and derided by some individuals while admired by others. 

If you belong to the latter group and are eager to try the Cybertruck out for yourself

The Cybertruck's delivery date continues getting postponed due to production issues. 

One Tesla enthusiast, though, was unaffected by this. He took matters into his own hands and developed

According to EVANNEX, CJ Cromwell, a Tesla devotee, demonstrated his DIY skills and love for the Cybertruck

 Its body is similar to the first-generation Acura MDX. Cromwell built a wooden duplicate of the Cybertruck

Online commenters offered the Plybertruck funny other names including Model Tree, Cyberchuck, and Cedartruck.

The Plybertruck is the subject of a Facebook group created specifically for Cromwell. 

 The page includes several images of the Plybertruck as well as videos of the wood truck in use. 

The Plybertruck has been used in posts to transport mattresses, modify it with additional features

Another post includes a picture of Ruger the dog, the Plybertruck's canine buddy, riding along.