I would like to try out the new Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 and GMC Canyon AT4X.

The last Colorado ZR2 was his one of our favorite trucks, but the new one could be even better.

It has better approach and departure angles, improved control arms, an electronically locked differential and 33-inch mud tires

Assuming you go with the loaded GMC version, there's also a sweaty price:

Almost identical to the Colorado ZR2, the Canyon AT4X he starts at $56,995 with a requisite destination charge

Not far from where the Raptors once started, this is a hefty price to pay, but it's the ceiling, not the bottom

The good news is that at this price point you get pretty much everything you really want in a factory truck

the extra options are mostly for the hardcore set and honestly the truck aftermarket his You may add parts.

Most of these options are included in the $9295 Edition 1 package.

Includes off-road bumper, front grille light bar, underbody camera, stronger skid plate, accessory switch

exterior light wiring, upgraded tire pressure monitoring system, beadlock compatible wheels

reconfigurable bed rails and winch I'm here. The price is serious, but the type of buyer who wants something like this would be spending five figures on the aftermarket anyway.