The Viper's imposing 8.0-8.4 liter V10 engine (400-640 hp) is one of its key features

it's got that iconic red color scheme. It's easy to get the pain back

but not so much the motor. After using HEMI for so long

Dodge moved to a supercharged version of his Hellcat engine.

Well, in Charger, Challenger, Durango and Grand Cherokee, we've mostly seen Hellcat in his V8 configuration.

So Dodge should settle for his V8 Viper Hellcat (which isn't too bad) or get the strong and robust V10 elsewhere.

Dodge allows you to build one yourself or add two more cylinders to Hellcat, but it's impractical to do that with Viper alone.

 But if we're just talking about Viper, it's a dream come true to see him return from the afterlife in all his glory with his new V10.

if Dodge decides to bring the Viper back, whatever the powertrain

the mere fact that we've got a new Viper is amazing. I don't think Dodge can mess up that much.

An electric motor that powers a 4- or 6-cylinder engine. The MR2 is an excellent sports car that its owners love to drive

it got a lot of hype before Toyota confirmed it. Imagine what kind of noise it would make.