In the well-documented history of the Ford Mustang as one

the world's most recognizable muscle cars

the Fox Body Mustang often makes headlines. why?

Manufactured between 1979 and his 1993, the third-generation model

with its polarizing design and unique approach to performance

is one of, if not the most distinctive, Stang of all time One.

The Foxbody Mustang went through his three different sub-generations in its 14 years

after some disappointing early years

Ford finally made it into a Chevrolet-esque with his 1986 Mustang GT.

Marked against things. The expensive pony cars Camaro IROC-Z, Buick Grand National, Pontiac Trans AM, etc.

the 1986 Ford Mustang GT will forever remain a historic Ford pony car because it adapted so heroically in difficult times

It may not be the fastest Mustang ever made, nor the prettiest model, but it's a great performing car in its own right.