The Dodge Dart is a tricky classic American car to look back on because

its size and shape vary greatly from year to year. After appearing as a full-size sedan in 1960

the 1962 model gave way to a midsize multibody, and by 1963 Dodge had restyled itself into a small compact.

That's three different generations in three years.

Despite Dodge's initial indecision, the Dart remained compact for

the remainder of his 13-year existence, with his 1964 Dodge Dart GT being the top-of-the-line and sassy of the range.

Given his V8, the Ford Falcon. Mercury Comet and Chevrolet Nova.

nlike other high-performance versions of the classic American car

the 1964 Dodge Dart GT was primarily

a cosmetic upgrade with a revamped interior, and the powerful V8 was actually

a GT trim plus It was a paid option.

Let's take a closer look at the details of the 1964 Dodge Dart GT.