With electrification happening all around us, many of our favorite car nameplates will either die or change dramatically to adapt to an electric future.

Ford did this with the Mustang Mach E. It was the first American Big 3 to do so, and Dodge is set to introduce its first EV muscle car.

Of course, Chevrolet is also in the mix, and the Corvette and Camaro names seem to be betting on high

performance EVs, much like what happened with the Blazer.

While the Chevrolet Camaro SS still exists, a Brazilian graphic designer named Cléber Silva has reimagined the current Camaro RS as an electric vehicle.

Chevrolet has already revealed that it intends to take on Porsche his Taycan with his Corvette EV Performance sedan

With that in mind, the designers decided to reinterpret the current Camaro's design

as an EV variant that looks amazingly realistic. It actually makes sense to have designed it

In the current Camaro lineup, the RS package just adds a few goodies like HID headlights with LED

halo rings, 20" wheels with Midnight Silver finish, rear spoiler (LT only) and new tail lights is. It is

possible that the designer chose the abbreviation RS to distinguish it from his V-8 powered SS models.

Designers are likely to imagine the current Camaro as an electric car, so they kept the Camaro's proportions

The LS and LT series V-8s aren't something fans will give up easily, but they certainly make the transition a little easier. i know i wouldn't do that.

it likely won't be easy to overcome the V-8's demise, so expect GM to continue to find a place for its iconic bumper-like dinosaur burner.