the Chevrolet Camaro - the beloved pony car and the eternal thorn next to the Ford Mustang. Even if it is revived, it will not be revived as a next-generation gasoline car.

It's not incomprehensible that the nameplate could simply be reused on newer platforms

the Ford Mustang Mach E, but it's reportedly not coming back for the 7th generation.

Anyway, the third generation Chevrolet Camaro shown here is definitely in rendered form.

Whatever your take on this American hero, it's a cool foundation for a modern overhaul.

Relentless renderer and digital artisan Rostislav Prokop wants us to believe that this could be a new high point in the Camaro’s career,

we’re inclined to believe him; but let’s unpack the render and see what’s going on with the Rostislav ’83 Camaro restomod.

the car gets lowered only conservatively by car render standards, the rear pillar is thick and gives way to a rear that get adorned by a ducktail spoiler in black.

One of the highlights of this project has to be the originality applied to the rear of the car

 where a decidedly-retro light panel combines LED lights with a black trunk section to great effect

similarly the set of LED brake lights in the middle below the two-piece spoiler is refreshingly-different to the ubiquitous light bar.

Indeed, you have to look to the future to move forwards, literally,

so the powertrain of this car should be something modern to match the checks written by its new façade

because nothing says Christmas quite like a shiny new restomod with a 9.4-liter V8 engine and body panels that remind you of Superman.