If you're a fan of Doctor Who and have been following Tesla's impending Cybertruck

 you might have noticed how much the pickup truck resembles the Cybermen.

The Doctor Who Cybermen and the Tesla Cybertruck both feature silver, metallic bodies.

The more recent Cybermen resemble the Cybertruck in appearance, but the earlier Cybermen from Doctor

Are they rather institutional in appearance and chilly? Yes. Are they both up to date with technology? 

The brand-new Tesla Cybertruck will be a ground-breaking electric pickup truck.

It will move really quickly and have a remarkable range. 

There have been rumours that it could power a house during a blackout.

It is a cutting-edge, all electric car with novel features including cameras and laser sensors. 

Tesla's Autopilot technology is also controlled by a powerful supercomputer.

In the 1975 Doctor Who episode Revenge of the Cybermen, the phrase "complete machine monsters" 

Humans from Mondas, Earth's twin planet, used to be known as the Cybermen.