You have alternatives if you wish to park a huge luxury automobile where a Dodge Charger would normally go

You may discover a used luxury vehicle to replace Dodge's four-door behemoth depending on your budget.

Examine a variety of luxurious vehicles, such as the classic BMW 5 Series and the Genesis G70.

The Dodge Charger may be replaced by the Chrysler 300 as a used luxury car at a reasonable price.

 The big, luxurious Chrysler sedan lacks the Charger SRT Hellcat's supercharged V8 power

but its 300 hp Pentastar V6 more than makes up for it with thrilling acceleration.

In addition, the 300S has a 5.7L V8 engine with 363 horsepower as an optional feature, just like the Charger R/T.

Even better, the 300 provides a top-of-the-line special edition 2023 Chrysler 300C as well as optional all-wheel drive

The 300C is a capable substitute for a Dodge Charger R/T Scat Pack thanks to its 6.4L V8

 However, a 2021 300 Touring may be purchased for about $31,529 if you're looking for a used, reasonably priced luxury vehicle.

Like the Chrysler 300, the Toyota Avalon is a cheap luxury automobile that will soon be phased out of production

Like the 2019 Avalon Hybrid XLE, Toyota's big sedan delivers hybrid fuel efficiency. I

In comparison to a V6-powered Dodge Charger SXT, the Hybrid XLE achieves 43 mpg in the city

Even better, used luxury vehicle hunters may get their hands on a used 2019 Toyota Avalon XLE for around $29,052.