A three-row midsize SUV purchase might be difficult. 

 The 2022 Toyota Highlander is one of the most well-liked vehicles. Given that this model is secure

we can't hold consumers responsible for their decision.

How can you pick the ideal Highlander trim, though, with so many options available?

 Experts and customers alike think that the 2022 Toyota Highlander XLE is the greatest trim to purchase for a number of factors.

The most popular three-row midsize vehicle among buyers is the 2022 Toyota Highlander XLE

Despite the fact that there are six trim levels available, the XLE typically sells the most. 

 Additionally, the least expensive model is typically a best-seller, but that is not the case with this one.

A Highlander XLE costs $42,270 to purchase. The entry-level model L, however, costs little more than $37,000.

 Why do buyers frequently pay an additional $5,000 to receive the XLE trim level?

The first trim level to provide captain's chairs rather than a bench seat in the middle is the most popular trim level.

It thus decreases seating from eight to seven passengers while increasing room for the other seven.

Most purchasers probably don't need the eighth seat, which can be added back for free to the XLE variant.

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