As a full-size truck, the Nissan Titan never took the lead. 

And soon, it will very likely be on the cutting board... Apparently Nissan has plans to do away with the half-ton pickup truck 

Despite the success of the redesigned Nissan Frontier, this full-size truck is probably on the chopping block. 

Even being the only full-size pickup with his standard V8 engine 

the 2023 Titan just can't keep up with the competition. 

On paper, the Nissan Titan looks like a respectable full-size truck.  

It comes standard with 400 horsepower thanks to a V8 engine  

has a long list of standard equipment. But given that the original MSRP is $39,700 for him 

this seems like a big deal given its age.  

Nissan Titan is one of the worst-selling full-size trucks in the United States 

so this fact is not lost on consumers 

According to Car and Driver, some of the higher trim isn't even worth considering.  

The publication recommends sticking with his S model on the base. 

Titan S may limit the options you can add, but is the cheapest version available.